The Dark Knight Free Free writers Jonathan Nolan mkv 1080i(hd)

duration: 152M;
genre: Drama;
Jonathan Nolan;
Info: One year after the events of Batman Begins (2008), Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and District Attorney Harvey Dent plan to launch an attack on the mob by arresting the shady accountant of the mob, Lau. Lau is abducted from his building by Batman and is thrown into jail. Lau divulges the secrets which results in almost all the mob bosses thrown in jail. The desperate mob bosses turn to The Joker, a sadistic psychopath with green hair, completely yellow teeth, and a custom purple suit. The Joker kills a judge, the Police Commissioner, and tries to kill the Mayor and Harvey. The acts of The Joker produces anarchy and chaos in the people of Gotham, forcing Batman to come to terms to which may seem to be his greatest test to fight injustice and come closer to the fine line between hero and vigilante;
9 of 10;
2202786 vote

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The Dark Knight Free Free writers Jonathan Nolan mkv 1080i(hd) vBpAgXG

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Honestly, i never truly enjoyed any other superhero movies i’ve seen before the dark knight. most of them don’t really expose you to brilliant acting and the dramatic presence of dark knight. so at best, most superhero movies are just « cool » because of all the crazy fight/action scenes. but wow, dark knight is easily the darkest, most well-made, and most adult superhero flick ever. not that batman begins didn’t do that, it’s just that the dark knight did it 10 times better.
i know everyone is talking about heath ledger as the joker, and it’s no surprise to me, because he was amazing. i wasn’t planning on seeing the dark knight on opening weekend… maybe not even in theaters. but all my friends went to the midnight shows on Friday and convinced me of how amazing it was, that i saw in Sunday afternoon. and even on the 3rd day, the theater was sold out. i know what you’re thinking. i’m just giving ledger a good review because he died. but to be honest, i never payed much attention to heath ledger before, because i really didn’t think he was that great of an actor. so to me, it was weird how much praise he was getting when he died. then again. this happens when any actor or actress dies. no matter how good or bad people thought they were before, when they die, it’s like people feel bad and say only the nicest things, like « she/he was the best actor of our generation. even when they probably weren’t. but god damn. heath ledger was absolutely amazing in dark knight. never seen him like that before, and didn’t know he could commit to a role like the joker the way he did. going into the theater, if i didn’t know « heath ledger is playing the joker » i still wouldn’t know until i saw his name in the credits. it’s not so much that he was playing the role really well, it was more like heath ledger had disappeared and HE WAS THE JOKER. it’s hard convincing your audience, and making the joker a believable character in this very dark and realistic version of batman, but ledger did it flawlessly. the dark knight is heath ledger’s swansong. his best role yet. it’s just a shame he won’t be around for the 3rd film. he completely stole the spotlight in the movie. as a member of the audience, you find yourself wanting to just see more of the joker. he steals every scene he’s in, and you wish he was in every scene he’s not. i swear, this Halloween. you won’t see kids in the batman suit. you’re going to see kid’s with white face paint, fake scars on their cheeks, and purple suits. i wouldn’t be surprised at all if he got an Oscar nomination for his performance, and if he did, i’d expect a win.
Christian bale, as expected, delivered another great performance as batman. only this time, we saw a whole new side to the cocky, confident billionaire, Bruce Wayne. Gotham city is going through it’s toughest time ever, and you see that in bale’s discerning batman.
i can see i’m writing on and on here. so i’ll just say this about the crew and supporting cast- Christopher Nolan – visionary director, made Gotham city darker, deeper, bigger, yet more beautiful than ever. Aaron Eckhart – truly portrayed what you would expect of the most realistic version of two-face. Michael Caine – after his performance in batman begins, you’d only expect the best from Caine as Alfred, and that’s what we got in dark knight. Maggie Gyllenhaal – great acting ability tops Katie Holmes portrayal of Rachel Dawes, for sure. Gary Oldman – what do you think? Morgan Freeman – Lucius fox in his most powerful moments.
10/10 – best superhero movie. ever.

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